The Access Project has served as a resource center for local communities working to improve health and healthcare access since 1998 and is a program of Third Sector New England.

The Access Project is a research affiliate of the Schneider Institute for Health Policy at Brandeis University. The Schneider Institute is part of Brandeis' Heller School for Social Policy and Management. The work of The Access Project embodies the Heller School motto, "Knowledge Advancing Social Justice."

The Access Project works to strengthen community action, promote social change, and improve health, especially for those who are most vulnerable. By supporting local initiatives and community leaders, The Access Project is dedicated to strengthening the voice of underserved communities in the public and private policy discussions that directly affect them.

Please note that all donations are fully tax deductible to the amount allowed by law. Your contribution will help us to:

  • Continue to study the adequacy and cost of health insurance, and present the findings to interested stakeholders
  • Provide direct technical assistance to groups in states where health reform discussions are taking place
  • Increase our capacity to assist families struggling with medical debt
  • Sponsor trainings for community leaders in locations across the country
  • Develop new strategies to address the issue of increasing out-of-pocket medical expenses

Ways to donate:

  • Mail in this form along with your check, or
  • Donate securely online by clicking on the "Donate Now" button below:

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Thank you for your support!


The Access Project works with selected groups to provide technical assistance with their advocacy. If you are interested in learning more about our consulting services, and potentially working with The Access Project, we'd like to know more about you.

Drop us an email at: info@accessproject.org

We're located at Lincoln Plaza one block north of South Station, in the NonProfit Center. The NonProfit Center of Boston is the first mission-based, multi-tenant center in Massachusetts created exclusively to house progressive social change organizations.

**MAP of 89 South Street**

Cathy Dunham, President
Cathy directs all policy initiatives for the Project, in addition to heading the Community Health Leadership Program, which is supported by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Mark Rukavina, Executive Director
Mark oversees all programs designed to assist communities in their efforts to address the healthcare access issue. He is responsible for developing strategies and community linkages with state and national health policy administrators.

Carol Pryor, Senior Policy Analyst
Carol works with the Policy Director on research and policy analysis activities, with a focus on the issue of medical debt. Her work includes research, data analysis, and the development of publications that discuss relevant health policy issues and present findings from research projects conducted with local partner organizations.

Jeffrey Prottas, Senior Research Advisor
Jeff is responsible for strategy development and is team leader for the design, testing, assessment and the implementation of the Project's case-study work. He oversees and reviews protocols, community assessment tools, site reports, and their relationship to the policy process. Currently a research professor at the Schneider Institute of Health Policy, Jeff also coordinates the Heller-Access Project connection.

Nancy Kohn, Field Coordinator
Nancy supports local organizations with technical assistance related to information gathering through both qualitative and quantitative research methods. She also assists in the design of community research projects, provides guidance on report dissemination and assessment of language services in the medical setting.

Bill Lottero, Field Director
Bill supports selected sites with consulting services related to information dissemination, community assessments, sustainability strategies, and the design and implementation of strategic plans at the site level.

Andrew Cohen, Community Research Coordinator
Andrew coordinates a medical debt negotiation and monitoring program that works one-on-one with clients who have unaffordable medical bills. He also assists staff in conducting community research around medical debt issues and coordinates collection of consumer stories that illustrate research findings and enhance the media work related to the release of reports.


Personally identifiable information collected on The Access Project website is intended for The Access Project use only, and will not be distributed to individuals outside of The Access Project website.

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